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Akademiet is situated in Copenhagen and is subsidized by the Copenhagen Municipality (Københavns Kommune).

The courses schedule is Monday to Friday 9.00 - 15.00 (30 hours a week).

Focus on composition and lyrics…

You will learn to create music and write lyrics but also how to write and be creative in smaller groups, how to give and respond to feedback. Another point of focus is to give the students tools for creating networks and how to share your music on the many platforms on the internet.

A meeting between dance and acting

The aim of DT is to give you a wide and realistic view of what it takes to become a stage artist and at the same time clarify your role in the complex world of the stage - as a performer, a teacher or an organizer…

The physical actor

Through different forms of physical training, voice training, improvisational and acting techniques the students will develop a credible and genuine scenic expression.

How to attend Akademiet?

First you have to participate in an introworkshop. The workshops for the spring semester will be arranged in November.  Workshops for the autumn semester will be arranged in may. Notice that we accept students after each workshop.

Send a mail to the administration for details and dates

In order for you to benefit fully from the courses at Akademiet, it is important that you are able to understand a least a bit Danish.

However, we have also had positive experience with English-speaking students at Akademiet and you are as an English-speaking student welcome to apply for a course at Akademiet.

The price for a semester in 2018 will approximate 9500 DK.*

*NB. You have to be registered as a citizen in Københavns Kommune (Copenhagen Municipality) while you attend Akademiet (please contact us for further information)


We are a “Daghøjskole” and you can compare it to the danish “Folk High School”
The system of the Folk High Schools is almost unknown to most of the world outside of Scandinavia. To avoid misunderstandings it is necessary shortly to highlight what these schools are not:

Studying at a folk high school is not a qualification for the universities in Denmark or any other studies, higher or lower.

The Folk High Schools does not conduct any formal examination and issues no degrees”

But on the other hand: a lot of students at Akademiet gain a personal experience and competence in their chosen subjects that makes them able to pass an admittance test to an academic art education (theatre, dance, music etc.). But this is not the main focus of Akademiet- our aim is that the classes have an entity by themselves and also includes personal development and clarification of educational possibilities.

On Akademiet you don’t board at the school, but outside – You have to find a place to stay in Copenhagen.


Do not hesitate to contact us: