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Akademiet is a school of arts located in Copenhagen has three main and fulltime courses, DT, Musik+ and Scenekunst, dance, physical theatre, music and stage art.

Akademiet is subsidized by the Copenhagen Municipality (Københavns Kommune).

The schedule for the courses are Monday to Friday 9.00 to 15.00 (30 hours a week).

This course focuses on composition , production and lyrics - songwriting in the widest sense.

You will learn to create music and write lyrics, be creative in smaller groups and to give and receive feedback.  Focus on production and recording on computers. We have a full range of microphones, actual instruments placed i 5 studios.

A meeting between dance and acting.

The aim of DT is to give you an extensive and realistic impression of what it takes to become a stage artist. The course clarifies your role in the complex world of the stage - as a performer, a teacher and an organizer.

A course with focus on the physical actor.

Through different forms of training in voice work and physique, improvisational and acting techniques, the students will develop a credible and genuine scenic expression.

Akademiet is a “Daghøjskole”, which you can compare to the danish folk high school.
The system of the folk high school is almost unknown to the world outside Scandinavia. To avoid misunderstandings it is necessary to briefly highlight what these schools are not.

Attending a folk high school is not a qualification for the universities of Denmark or any other educational institution, higher or lower.

A folk high shool does not conduct any formal examination and issues no degrees -

On the other hand, many of the students attending Akademiet grow personally as well as obtain a professional competence that often helps them pass an admittance test to an academic art education in theatre, dance, music etc.

To prepare students for higher education is not the main focus of Akademiet though. Our aim is to create courses that are an entity by themselves. Courses that nurture both personal and professional development as well as clarification of educational possibilities.

If you want to attend Akademiet you have to participate in a qualifying intro workshop. The workshops for the spring semester takes place in November, while the workshops for the autumn semester takes place in May. Notice that we accept students after each workshop.

Scenekunst is a one year course with semester start in August. Therefore Scenekunst only has intro workshops in May.

In order for you to benefit fully from the courses at Akademiet, it is important that you are able to understand a least a bit Danish.

However, we have had positive experiences with english-speaking students at Akademiet, and as such we encourage people to apply for a course at Akademiet regardless of their nationality or linguistic capabilities.

The price for a halfyear semester is  12.000 DK.

You have to be registered as a citizen in Copenhagen Municipality (Københavns Kommune) when you attend Akademiet.

Though many of our students use Akademiet’s facilities outside educational hours, the school, unlike many folk high schools, does not include board. As such you have to find your own place to stay in Copenhagen while attending the school.

If you have any questions or are in need of more information about Akademiet, the courses, details and dates, do not hestitate emailing the administration on