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TRIO 1:         Ugerne  37 , 38 og  39      (13. september – 1 .oktober 2021)

UGE 37

Antoinette Helbing:

Koreograf, danser og underviser indenfor teknik og improvisation. Læs mere på

Antoinettes practice is build on three ground pillars: the gentle transition from arrival into a state of physical and mental readiness and availability - playfully mobilizing, strengthening and lengthening the full body - simple exercises that use the floor as a power engine. Antoinette works with simple and well known movement material to enable the participants to dive into their bodies and to give space for own research/investigations. Her practice is strongly influenced by the Feldenkrais method, since Antoinette is currently training to become a Feldenkraus practitioner. 

UGE 38

Poul Laursen/Gert Pedersen:

Poul Laursen er performer, iscenesætter aog underviser idenfor fysisk teater og performance. Gert Pedersen er musiker og underviser. 

Dette kursusforløb vil have fokus på fysisk improvisation, materiale-generering og instant composition.

 UGE 39

Xiri Tara Noir:

Is a nonbinary interdisciplinary artist and organizer working within the expanded field of performance art, community activism and choreography.

This workshop is called "pleasure zombies". We will work with how to practice from a place of rest, imperfection and pleasure and we will explore what happens individually and collectively when we practise from this space. To attend this workshop you must be ready to break with tabus around shaming, competition and overproduction as value systems. The workshop celebrates body positivity and is inclusive and open to all genders and bodies, but encourages womxn and queer identities to participate. 




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13. september til 01. oktober

Poul Laursen

Poul Laursen- kursusleder på TRIO, Danser/ koreograf

Underviser på DT/Danseteater på AKADEMIET for musik, dans og teater.